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About Larsen Bay Lodge
Mike & Lisa Carlson own and operate Larsen Bay Lodge. It is the oldest hunting and fishing operation in Larsen Bay, Alaska. Mike’s dad, Frank Carlson actually opened the lodge in 1979.

Frank Carlson:

Frank was born in the nearby village of Karluk and was raised in Larsen Bay, (which today has a population of about 70 people). He met Mike’s mother, Jeanne in Washington State on his way to serve our country in the Korean War. After the war Frank brought his bride back to Larsen Bay where they lived for the rest of their lives. Frank was well respected and served in the local community for many years as Mayor and President of the Tribal Council.

Mike Carlson:

Mike’s Mom and Dad developed in Mike a strong sense of place and appreciation for this beautiful and rugged corner of the world. Mike grew up hunting and fishing in the mountains, lakes, rivers, and saltwater bays surrounding Larsen Bay. At the early age of 15, Mike was already helping transport and guide hunters for his Dad.

In later years Mike bought his own commercial fishing vessel and in the off-season began fishing commercially for salmon and participating in what is commonly accepted as “The Most Dangerous Occupation in the World” – crabbing during the winter months in the harsh and unforgiving Alaskan waters.

Mike actually took over operation of the Larsen Bay Lodge from his ailing father in 1990. During the intervening years, Mike has transformed the lodge from a small 6 client lodge to a beautiful beachfront complex consisting of 2 main lodges and 2 waterfront cabins that can now accommodate up to 28 people. All the support facilities have grown with the lodge as well, including kitchens, skinning shed, maintenance shop and guide’s quarters.

Mike is a Registered Big Game Guide in the State of Alaska and like his father continues to give back to his community. He has served on the City Council and the Tribal Council for 7 years. He also supports the Elders by subsistence hunting for them. In addition, all excess fish and game from the lodge is given to the community.
Mike is a Shareholder in the surrounding Koniag Native Corporation which gives Larsen Bay Lodge access to native lands where outsiders are not permitted. He has also been involved in meetings with The Alaska Dept. of Game and Fish, as well as the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge personnel as those agencies administer invaluable management of the wildlife resources and habitat found on Kodiak Island.

Our Family:

Mike married his wife Lisa on December 10, 1994. They have two beautiful children. Their daughter Shelby is 15 (going on 21, according to Mike!), and their son Frankie who is 13, is following in his father’s footsteps. Both enjoy the outdoors and all the opportunities found on Kodiak Island!

This is family operation with a rich heritage in the local region. It is destination where you and your friends and family will feel at home. No other operator knows the area or has the close ties to the land and its people that Mike does.

Being the oldest operation in Larsen Bay has its advantages. Larsen Bay Lodge is located on the choicest real estate in the area. The lodge is not squeezed onto a small lot but has extensive waterfront property overlooking beautiful Uyak Bay. It is a common sight and sound to see and hear whales blowing in the bay and experience the most incredible sunrises! Simply put, there is no better view in all of Larsen Bay.

While other lodges are just getting their feet wet, Larsen Bay Lodge has set the standard for experience and customer satisfaction. Come be a part as each day a new page is written in the ongoing history and heritage of Larsen Bay Lodge. Make plans now to experience the adventure!

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